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Ore-met Mining, which was established as a family company in the region of Isparta Yalvac in the 1970s, started its first mining experiments in 2003 with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors and administrators for institutionalization. The company, which started with barite mining, was followed by magnesite, chrome, bauxite and ultimately olivine, and it was established as a family partnership and today it has become a giant corporation that produces and markets mining and industrial minerals.
Established in 1994 and headquartered in Istanbul. Marmara Metal is one of the leading trader companies in Turkey supplying, a wide range of commodities and raw materials to end users in iron, steel and foundry industries in Turkey as well as to the customers in Middle East and European Countries. The company is awarded by Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Associations every year thanks to its export volume. Using worldwide network of relationships, Marmara Metal sources raw materials mainly from China, CIS, India, South Africa, Brazil and European countries. The company specialized in ferro alloys, non-ferrous metals, pig iron, metallurgical coke, graphite electrode, recarburizers, refractories and other additives. In addition to its trading activities, Marmara Metal owns chrome ore, manganese ore and copper concentrate mines in different regions of Turkey.
Barzel Machine provides CNC turning, CNC cutting, CNC milling, laser cutting, CNC laser cutting, press brake, powder metal parts production and sales services with the best prices and superior quality.
In 1988, Payas also, with the goal of providing raw materials to the Turkish casting industry and Metsan is a family company. “Payas Organized Industry” Outdoor and Indoor depot, “Osmaniye Organized I